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Air China

About the Airline

Air China goes way back to 1988 when it was founded and approved by the Department of State. The airline works in association with several groups which could be the secret behind its success. It also has very reliable partners that have added to its popularity and success over the years. The airline has general regulations that must be adhered to if one is to enjoy the very best of what it has to offer. It has a wide fleet of aircraft and is still modernizing to accommodate more people and open up new routes to the destinations it is yet to reach. Some of the regulations that one has to keep when flying with Air China are arriving at the airport at the required time. This goes for all passengers whether one has paper or an electronic ticket. You should also have all the right documents with you and complete all check-in requirements on time. Air China provides all the necessary accommodation and providence in casea certain flight is cancelled or delayed. Such incidents can be caused by an aircraft change, crew or business issues and aircraft repairs among others. Delays which are caused by weather conditions, air traffic and security inspections as well as passenger issues only attract paid for accommodation and food by the airline. View more on Air China,

Flights Aboard Air China

Air China has a large fleet consisting of 263 aircraft and it has also placed new aircraft orders amounting to 267. The aircraft are models of the famous Boeing and Airbus although it also has two business jets to serve its customers in the best of ways. With such a wide variety, flying has really been made easier. Using our flight search, you can find cheap Air China flights.

Air China's Network

Air China has a large route network and flies throughout Asia, Western Europe, the Middle East as well as North America. Currently, most of its operations are from its Beijing hub to its Australian, European and Asian destinations.

Check-In Procedures

Air China has check-in counters where all passengers are supposed to check-in on time for their flights. Domestic check-ins close at least 30 minutes prior to departure while international flights normally close an hour before departure as do regional flights. All boarding gates normally close 10 minutes prior to take off. For this reason, it is important for all passengers to be at the airport 2 or 3 hours before their flights especially because of the connecting time from one terminal to another.

Flight Class and In-flight Services

Air China has different classes depending on the aircraft and the destination. Mostly, you will find First, Business and Economy classes in its flights with each providing different offers and packages. Also available in-flight are movies, music and great catering services for all passengers. These kinds of offers differ from one class to another although everybody gets to enjoy something special. Other services include ground transport services whereby you can have free limousine transportation to give you a smooth journey. This is mostly for distinguished and VIP guests.

Airport Lounge

There are luxurious lounges at the airports for the First and Business classes for both international and domestic flights. These lounges are fully equipped with dining areas, smoking areas, VIP areas, restrooms, conference rooms and entertainment centers to give passengers a comfortable and relaxing environment. Gold card holders and PhoenixMiles VIP members also have access to these luxurious lounges.

Frequent Flyer Programs

Air China has its PhoenixMiles program which offers frequent travelers great benefits and opportunities. You can always get a brochure that has all the information with regard to the program then register and start earning your miles. The mileage is earned in different ways after which you even earn free trips and class upgrades that are free of charge for your flights.