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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

We have tried our best to make our site secure and easier to use. If you have a desire to know more about our responsibilities and your responsibility as a well-informed customer then you should consider reading the information provided below. In case if you don’t agree with any of the statements then you should avoid using this website. 

Travel information 

We display information related to travel locations, fares, flight timing and various other material that are related to traveling. It is imperative to mention that all of this information is made available to us by third party providers, which includes airlines, luxury hotels, and other such institutions. We have tried our best to ensure that all the information available on our website are correct and updated, however checking the accuracy of all the available information on our website is not possible. 

You will be responsible for obtaining all the necessary documents for visiting any other country. The details regarding flights, packages, ticket prices and other information available on our website are subject to change that too without any notice. However, we try our best to inform our customers regarding any change in their flight schedule. 

Baggage policies or allowance differ from one airline to another. It will be you who will be responsible for verifying the baggage policy before boarding your plane. We try our best to inform our clients about baggage fees, however, accuracy isn’t guaranteed. Up to a limit baggage fees is included in your airline fare, but if your luggage crosses the weight limit then you will be bound to pay according to the baggage policy of that airline.

Flight schedules are bound to change and even cancellation can occur because of a number of reasons such as mechanical issues, rough weather, political unrest in certain areas, or crew issues. We try our best to inform our customers via email or phone in case if we are informed by the airline, regarding changes in schedule or cancellation. However, in some instances, airlines might not provide us information regarding similar issues. Therefore, it suggested that you should check your flight status 24 hours in advance for avoiding unnecessary inconvenience.  


Airline ticket prices displayed on our website are subject to change without any notice until and unless you have booked a ticket. In some rare instances, the ticket fare might increase after making the reservation. In such instance, we will contact you for informing about the ticket price hike and will consult with you regarding next steps. 

Airfare prices made available on our website might not include airport charges, taxes or any other fees. In such cases, the additional fees will be displayed prior to the payment making process. 

All bookings made on our site are non-refundable unless stated that the booking fee will be reimbursed on cancellation. In case if you deem that canceling a ticket booked via our website is of utter importance to you, please contact us. We will do everything possible for you and will try to refund most of the amount paid in exchange of booking a ticket. 

Know that changing name or making any correction in the provided details isn’t possible. If you have entered wrong spelling and have a desire to adjust the spelling then you will have to cancel your reservation and will have to book another ticket in other flight that too at the current rate. It is solely your responsibility to crosscheck the provided information before booking any ticket. 

In case if you find additional charges on the bill, identified as foreign or international transaction fees, then you should contact your bank for any explanation. Some credit card companies and banks charge fees for international transactions. If you are booking ticket outside from the country that online site is registered from then you will need to pay additional fees in the form of conversion fees. 

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